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Wedding favours, make-up, transportation: everything for you wedding party

Organizing a marriage needs a lot of time and energy, which dwindle away because of the frenzy of everyday life. Meanwhile, the day of marriage gets closer and closer.

You have to book the church, buy the wedding gowns, choose the flower decorations and the menu for the wedding lunch. Parc Hotels Italia can help you out with all that, by giving you advice.
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Wedding favours

The wedding favours are a souvenir of your marriage day. We can provide you with .....
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Makeup and hairstyle
for brides

Themake-up of your wedding day should bring out the bride's beauty. It should also be suitable for your skin and cast of features. .......

Flower decorations in Taormina

We offer the services of skilled florists who will create perfect flower decorations.

The wedding day transportation is fundamental. If you want to make a spectacular entry into your wedding party,........
	Music for wedding parties

Music for wedding parties
Whether you choose the traditional wedding march or a DJ set to usher you and your spouse in to your wedding party, we can provide you with the professional musicians that suit your needs.

A band or a DJ will enliven your reception: what will be the genre is for you to decide.

Then, if you want to add group dances and songs to the music of bands, we can provide you with the brisk animation of our staff, which can also entertain children with games and shows.
Photography and videos

Wedding photo sessions and videos

You can't marry without a traditional photo session to immortalize the newlyweds. Our professionals can also shoot a video to record the most touching moments of the ceremony.


Wedding fireworks

Everyone loves fireworks. Imagine how exciting it would be to begin or end your wedding party with a fireworks display.
For your grand finale, we can provide you with another spectacular solution: the wish lanterns. They are very light paper structures that can fly thanks to a flame kept inside themselves, and can contain a well-wishing message that each guest can write.